Write a mail

It displays a form for sending emails.

The form can add contacts from the Addressbook by “Insert contact” command. 
Note: you can insert a contact everywhere (to the body, subject, …) but it’s recommended to type in at least a space in the selected text field and then press “Insert contact” to get it working.

The user can also send a Bcc: or Cc: copies by pressing the “Add Bcc/Cc”
The user can send the same mail to many recipients by typing in emails address separated by the comma to the To:, Bcc: or Cc: fields.

The recipient may be also named like “someone” < [email protected] >.
You can also choose a mail account mail will be sent from, that means with which address you will be visible to recipients. 

Simply edit the From: field or press the “Select sending account” button.
There are three modes for sending messages and corresponding commands are:

  • Send now – sends the email immediately.
  • Send later – saves the email to the Outbox folder for batch mails sending.
  • Save – saves an email to the Drafts folder for later editing.
Send all:

This command sends all emails stored in the Outbox at once, so called batch sending.

Search mails:

This command searches selected emails for a given search phrase. It is possible to search for several phrases using Add new search phrase command from menu. Each phrase can be searched as Required, which means, that the given phrase has to occur in selected parts of a mail. Setting all search phrases to Required will result in that they will be searched with AND condition, and if no phrase is selected as Required then the phrases will be searched with OR condition. Also, as indicated above, user can set the mail parts in which the given phrase should be present. Those mail parts are: “To”, “From”, “Subject”, “Body”.

Some additional options can be chosen from “Advanced settings” command in the menu. 
In “Advanced settings” menu the following options can be chosen:

  • Date interval – set a From: field if you want to search all mails not older than the given date; set a To: field if you want to find the mails not newer than the given date.
  • Mailboxes to search in – here user can select mailboxes in which to look for selected phrases.

This command triggers an automatic checking for new mails in a given interval for POP3 accounts. This interval can be set in the Settings menu.

For IMAP accounts so-called IDLE capability is implemented which notifies mujMail whenever new mail arrives to server.


Disconnects from all the connected servers.

Clear Databases:

This command clears specified databases. It is recommended to use this command from time to time to release memory for new datas and to resolve problems as databases may get messed after long usage.
Note: Message-IDs cache is used to recognize which mails were downloaded to mujMail.
So even when you delete all mails from InBox, thanks to Message-IDs cache, mujMail can recognize that these mails were downloaded once and they will not be downloaded again. 
So unless you know what you are doing, do not delete Message-IDs cache database!

Synchronize with servers

This command synchronizes phone’s inbox with servers’ inboxes. That means that if any change were made on server (you deleted mails from server by a browser or by other clients, or new mails arrived) this change will be also made to phone’s inbox. 

And if some mails were marked to be deleted on the phone and the setting “Also delete emails from servers if I delete them from InBox” is set True, then those mails will be deleted from the phone and the servers as well.

Inactive email accounts are not affected by synchronization.

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