Why do you need to hire a dedicated team?

IT outsourcing is quite popular nowadays. There are a few ways to use it. The common ways are to hire one outsourcing specialist or to hire a dedicated team. Today we will talk about the role of a dedicated team in IT outsourcing, the quality of work of such teams and other interesting points.

What is a dedicated team?

There are companies that provide dedicated teams. Such companies are called Managed Service Providers (MSP). The dedicated team can include different specialists like developers, DevOps, customer support specialists, Quality Assurance engineers, Project Managers and other specialists.

Such teams are fully equipped for your project. You hire the whole team at once and do not need to worry about the recruitment at all. There is a bus factor on each project. It sounds like: “How many or few talents would have to be hit by a bus (or quit) before the project is incapacitated?”. You can forget about this problem by referring to the dedicated team. MSP will solve all the issues with replacing specialists in the project if it’s needed, reorganize the team, etc. You, as a business owner, just give tasks and receive results.

What other options are there?

We’ve described dedicated teams but there are still two other options. What if they are better? Well, you can hire all the necessary specialists in-house or hire remote specialists. There are some details in both situations.

  1. Hiring in-house. This definitely is the right decision if you want to make your team wider and increase the company expertise. Such a way is quite difficult and expensive. You need to spend time and money on search and hiring specialists. Also, you might have to pause some part of the project if someone leaves or gets sick.
  2. Hiring a remote team or specialist. In this case, you definitely save money because you don’t need to equip workplaces. But the searching process might be quite difficult if you’ll use online job boards and freelance portals. Also, it will take a lot of time.

Thus said, dedicated teams are the most efficient approach if you need qualified specialists right now and don’t want to expand the in-house team.

Benefits of the dedicated team

You might hire a dedicated development team or dedicated IT consulting team, or other specialists. It all cases you’ll get the following benefits:

  1. Fully-fledged team. This point depends on MSP but a good MSP company will provide you with a team with all necessary specialists: developers who worked with different languages, Project Managers, Big Data scientists or analytics, DevOps engineers, QA engineers and others. You won’t need to look for talents one at a time, because all of them will be in one place.
  2. Cost-efficiency. You shouldn’t equip the workplaces for the dedicated team and organize team buildings, corporate parties and other stuff because this is MSP’s responsibility. Also, you shouldn’t pay salaries after the project ends.
  3. Access to a talent pool. The offshore dedicated team usually consists of very talented and highly-qualified people. They like to work with MSP because of a variety of projects. So, you’ll have access to the excellent specialists for your project.
  4. Turnkey solutions. The dedicated team can provide different services from software development to redesigning your whole system and migration to the cloud. Such teams might have ready solutions, so they implement them pretty fast and you’ll save a lot of time.
  5. Custom solutions. Also, the dedicated team provides custom end-to-end solutions because every company might have personal cases to solve.

As you can see, dedicated teams are quite beneficial and will help to develop your project.

How to find a dedicated team?

At first, you need to find an MSP. It will be better to look for these companies at the worldwide ratings. Try to find feedback and review about companies. Also, you might talk to MSP directly and discuss, what services they provide and decide if it suits you or not.

Thus said, the hardest part is to find the reliable and experienced Managed Service Provider and after that, you might fully trust all your project to MSP and dedicated team. Such an approach is the most efficient nowadays, so you surely will like to work with a dedicated team!

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