This tab contains some other tools that are useful for the user.

Its shortcut is “*” + “5”.


Addressbook is a directory used to save, delete and search contacts and add them as recipients when you write a mail. If you want to find a contact, just type in first letters of the contact’s name and it will find the most matching contact. All its commands are pretty intuitive. When searching for a name, you can edit the searching term by pressing Back and Forward arrows (or move the joystick) and then press the “*” key for deleting a letter or press other letters to insert them into caret position.

Backup settings:

Backup settings command serves for backing up mujMail’s configuration (SettingsAccounts and AddressBook tabs) either on local storage or remote mujMail server. After selecting this command a dialog form appears asking if the settings have to be saved locally (Local Backup data) or remotely (Remote Backup data). For local backup then user must select the path and filename to save the configuration into.

Warning: the command saves/sends plaintext passwords.

Restore settings:

This command restores the configuration saved using Backup settings command. It can restore configuration either from local or remote source. For restoring locally saved configuration select Local Restore data option and then select a file containing configuration. Configuration saved remotely is restored by selecting Remote Restore data function.

Warning: the command receives plaintext passwords.

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