User’s Guide


Before installing MujMail to your mobile phone make sure that your device supports Java Micro Edition MIDP 2.0 technology. To get this information please refer to user manual provided with the device or contact your phone’s service support.

There are many ways how to install the application. You can do it with a computer via Bluetooth or Data cable. Or you can download it directly to your mobile by the “over the air” way – point your phone’s browser to this address: After the connection between your phone and our server is established, follow the instructions on the screen of your mobile phone.

Setting up accounts:

First of all, you will need to set up your email accounts. Go to the Accounts Tab, press “New account” and fill in needed information. If you do not know such information about your email account, you can find it easily from the Help section of the website of your mailbox. 
Note: IMAP4 accounts support many mailboxes. You can define which mailboxes you want to use by entering their names separated by commas. 
Please don’t forget to activate/enable POP3 or IMAP access to your mailbox at the website of your mailbox!


  • The most important actions can be accessed by shortcuts. All menu tabs and items are numbered in order to be invoked by a specific sequence of key strokes. A tab in the menu can be selected by pressing “*”+”number_of_the tab” and an item is selected by pressing “#”+”number_of_the_item”. Numbers of tabs are displayed by pressing the “*” key, and numbers of items are displayed by “#” i.e. if a user wants to call the third item of the second tab, then it is necessary to write four letters: * 2 # 3.
  • In the addressbook, * key stands for backspace (deletes a character), # – for numlock (inputs only numbers).
  • When you read mails pressing key ‘7’ will change font’s size.
  • In mail folders (InBox, OutBox, …) keys * and # behave like Page Up and Page Down keys, respectively. ‘1’ marks a mail as un-/deleted.
  • When you’re in the InBox and you press the ‘3’ key you will mark a mail as un/read.
  • When you’re in the Trash and you press the ‘3’ key you will mark a mail as to be restored.
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