These extra folders serve to logically divide emails. Each folder has its own database to store emails persistently. Under the folder’s name there is a value in brackets that indicates current amount of emails in the folder. If there is a star, it means that the folder is in a progress, so the amount of emails is yet undetermined.

Its shortcut is “*” + “2”.

Each folder has these commands:

  • Delete/Undelete – marks the message as Deleted in case it is not deleted and removes the Deleted mark otherwise.
  • Delete now! – deletes all emails marked as deleted.
  • Clear database – clears all mails in the folder.
  • Sort – sorts all email headers by a chosen criteria.
  • View mail – displays the email’s body and attachments. This command can be invoked by the standard SELECT button of the mobile device.

This folder is used as a temporary queue of outgoing emails. Whenever the user presses the “Send later” command in the Send Mail form, the mail is stored to this folder. All emails in this folder will be sent after pressing “Send all” command which is either in Action menu tab, or is a command in this folder.

The emails in Outbox have an extra icon: That means an error occurred while sending the email.


This folder serves to store mails that where sent.


This folder serves as the storage for emails that should be edited or rewritten. There is one extra command “Edit” that does the job.


This folder serves as the storage for emails that were deleted for the other folders and can be restored to the original folder.
Mails that should be restored are marked as restored by press command “restore” or the ‘3’ key. The command “Restore Now!” does the factual restoring.

User folders:

User folders are intended to store email from different sets mailboxes. It means, some accounts are retrieved into standard InBox folder (active accounts) and another accounts can be retrieved into created user folders. User folders are separated from standard mail folders be line.

To create user folder choose Add folder button. Then you can set name of the folder, accounts to be retrieve in this folder and for imap accounts you can select server folders to be retrieved here. Same form is shown for existing user folders by choosing Edit foldercommand.

To remove user folder is intended Delete folder command. Select user folder you want to delete and invoke command to remove mail box.

Hint: In account menu tab, create account for each email box you want to retrieve. If you want retrieve emails into Inbox folder, set account as active. If you want retrieve email into user folder, leave account passive and select this account into retrieve list when creating user folder.

Hint: Set only one target folder for each account.

Hint: For imap account imap folders are comma separated list of names. Don’t use space around commas. And for google use [Gmail]/MyFolder

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