1. I can’t connect to server when SSL is enabled. 
    I always get an error like “Certificate is not trusted/recognized” or “java.microedition.error.pki.certificate”.
  2. I can’t send a mail. How should my SMTP settings be?
  3. I can’t use Hotmail, why?
  4. What is my mail account’s server settings?
  5. What mujMail can’t do?
  6. I have a BlackBerry and I get “control flow verification information” error.
  7. I have a Nokia and when I connect to the server I get “connection timeout” error (maybe it happens with other brands as well).
  8. Touch screen don’t work.
  9. How can I set up the language of the project (MIDlet) in NETBEANS?


  • 1: That’s because your phone doesn’t trust the server you’re connecting to. You have to install server’s certificate to your phone.
    ie: you’ve got problems with Gmail, you’ll find Gmail’s certificate by googling “gmail certificate download” at this address: 
    Now point your phone’s browser (default built in browser!) to the address and follow the instructions on the screen (installing certificates methods may differ on different devices).
  • 2: Mostly sending fails due to bad SMTP server setting. Note that in some cases cell phones carrers are blocking sending mails from other smtp servers than theirs.
    It should look like: smtp.your_carrier.something. You can easily find it out by googling it.
    For example, if I want to know SMTP server of Vodafone CZ, I’ll google “SMTP server Vodafone CZ”.
    Here’s a list of some SMTP servers
  • 3: Microsoft’s Hotmail uses HTTP protokol for retrieving mails. Our client currently supports only POP3 and IMAP.
    We’re really sorry. But the project is open source and this HTTP protokol may be supported in the future.
  • 4: Well, it depends on where you have your mail account. Mostly you can find it in the Help section of server.
    Please don’t forget to activate/enable POP3 or IMAP access to your mail box at the website of you mail box!
  • 5: OK, there’s always something that mujMail can’t do.
    Stuffs that we want it to be capable are sending mails with attachments; sending fotos, videos, files from the phone; saving attachments to the phone; displaying more multimedia types (currently only some pictures are supported).
    Thats what we’re currently working on. But hey, that’s why it’s opensource, all you guys can join the project and make it better 😉
  • 6: The problem is very common with BB but unfortunately we don’t know why it happens on BB. 
    There are some topics about this issue at Internet forums, maybe other BB owners will help you.
  • 7: This is very strange error, as it happens and doesn’t happen on some Nokias of the same series. Like mujMail works fine on my friend’s N70 but doesn’t work on other friend’s N70.
    We think that’s because of phone’s bad implementation of connection to the Internet and firmware update would help, or bad application/phone settings. 
    Update: this issue has been fixed in current stable and development version.
  • 8: mujMail doesn’t work correctly on devices with touch screen. Some mujMail specific graphic elements need to be controled only from keypad. 
    We plan add support for touch screen devices into new versions.Update: development version of mujMail now works with touch screen phones.
  • 10: Untill now, there are 9 languages available: English, German, Italian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, (Brazilian)Portuguese, Chinese. Find the appropriate language class in www.mujmail.org/jar/current/stable/src/lang.zip and replace it with the Lang.java file in the source directory where you have the mujMail source code. Do not forget to rename the class (for instace, from LangEN to Lang).
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